7 Reasons to Attend a Mindfulness Retreat For Beginners

mindfulness retreat for beginners

We’re all so stressed right now. Work is demanding our attention all day. We come home and take care of our kids, pets, and do the chores. At night, we flop down on our beds, exhausted and ever-hoping that sleep will take over. However, we’re often kept up worrying about that upcoming meeting or the dentist appointment we’re dreading instead.

Practicing mindfulness helps us in an astounding number of ways. It helps you feel connected to your thoughts and emotions. It improves focus and allows you to concentrate on your tasks. It even combats mental illnesses like Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and helps you overcome trauma from your past.

As a mindfulness newbie, you may know more about the benefits of mindfulness than how to actually implement those skills in your own life. That’s where mindfulness retreats for beginners come in.

Mindfulness retreats are intensive healing getaways focused on helping you integrate mindfulness practices into your life.

From yoga retreats in the desert, to silent meditation retreats by the sea, to luxurious relaxation resorts tucked into the mountainside, there’s a retreat out there for everyone; even families.

Since you’re just getting started on your mindfulness journey, you may think that a retreat isn’t for you. You don’t feel ready to jump right into such an immersive, structured experience dedicated to mindfulness. Or maybe you assume that you can’t go to a retreat because they’re only for experts.

Well, I’m here to tell you the blunt truth: you couldn’t be more mistaken! While some retreats are designed for experts, there are tons of mindfulness retreats out there for every level, or even specifically for beginners.

The immersive, structured experience of the retreat may sound daunting, but it’s designed to make a lasting and resounding impact on you. This works by taking away the distractions of your daily life and giving you a full-time schedule that completely engulfs you in these new techniques and practices.

Here are seven compelling reasons why a mindfulness retreat is the perfect way to jump-start your journey towards living a mindful life.

#1 – It’s an Extremely Transformative Experience


If you’re just starting out with this whole mindfulness thing, you may know that it can take a long time to see the positive results everyone is raving about. You’ve tried implementing short meditations throughout your week, but you’re still feeling stressed, so you start to doubt whether mindfulness is really for you.

Enter mindfulness retreats for beginners. Instead of squeezing some quick moments of mindfulness into your busy work week, you can escape from the stresses of your daily life by spending a good chunk of time dedicated entirely to mindful practices.

These expertly curated getaways are intentionally immersive. You wake up in the morning and eat a nutritious breakfast before beginning a day full of relaxation techniques, yoga, or even silent meditation. You’re separated from the internet and your cell phone.

Essentially, the intensive, structured environment compels you to engage in a schedule completely different from usual.

This total immersion, even if it only spans for two or three days, can be completely transformational. You can have life changing realizations and learn a lot in a small span of time.

You’ll start feeling a deep connection to your emotions, gain more understanding of your thoughts and behaviors, become more resilient in stressful situations, and even begin to heal from past traumas.

That’s why mindfulness retreats are such an effective opportunity for beginners. You can get a kick-start towards the life and mindset you’re dreaming of when you go on a retreat, because the total immersion of the experience makes transformation much quicker and much more intense.

#2 – You’ll Leave the Retreat Ready to Establish a Mindfulness Routine in Your Daily Life


It’s really hard to start a mindfulness routine from scratch, and it’s even harder to stick to it day after day—especially when it feels like you’re progressing at a snail’s pace. There are many things going on in your life, which makes it a challenge to prioritize mindfulness every day.

Not only can your stay at a mindfulness retreat propel you towards results faster and with more intensity, but it also provides the perfect environment to learn skills to bring into your everyday life.

Maybe while on your retreat of choice, you really enjoyed and benefited from an afternoon yoga class with Steve.

You learned when you like doing yoga, what kind of yoga you enjoyed, and what style of instruction helps you the most. It’s that much easier to introduce a yoga routine into your life now, because you know exactly what works for you, and the results you see will give you the motivation to continue.

Many mindfulness retreats for beginners even offer counseling sessions with life coaches and mindfulness experts who can help you integrate what you’ve learned on the retreat into your day-to-day schedule.

Sometimes your instructors will develop a personalized plan of action for you to take home and reference when you’re engaging in your new yoga routine and can’t remember exactly what to do.

#3 – You’re Provided with a Safe Space to Heal

heal the body

Whether you’re introducing mindfulness in your life to change your perspective, to improve your focus, or to heal from mental health issues, the transition to mindful living can be challenging and painful.

Frankly, when you first start to gain more awareness of your inner truth, it can be emotionally draining.

On a mindfulness retreat, beginners will receive face-to-face guidance from trained mindfulness experts to help facilitate their mindset shifts.

When you struggle with your emotions or judgments, you’ll have the experts right there to help ground you. If you begin your mindfulness journey at home on your own, it can be harder to regulate your feelings and reflect on the changes in your perspective.

Retreats provide you with a safe space to explore, grow, and heal. They allow you to step away from the triggers and stressors of everyday life, and give you the space you need to improve your mindfulness practices and keep your emotions balanced as you do so.

Not only that, but mindfulness retreats are located all around the world in some of the most beautiful, serene environments tucked away from the harsh lights and bustling sounds of the city.

Because there are so many retreats out there, you can pick the one that feels comfortable and safe for you.

#4 – You Can Take a Much-Needed Break and Relax

take a break

Here’s the truth: you deserve a break. Your everyday life is hardly relaxing—that may be why you’re interested in mindfulness in the first place!

Feeling relaxed is a great way to promote mindfulness. When we’re relaxed, it’s much easier to observe without passing judgment. If you’re distracted by worries about work or anxiety about your family life, it’s a lot harder to engage in your mindfulness exercises.

This may seem like a Catch-22. In order to be mindful, you must be relaxed. But in order to be relaxed, you have to first practice mindfulness. So how can we end this elusive cycle and start relaxing now?

Mindfulness retreats for beginners are a great way to start. While many retreats take hard work, they also provide you with resources that help you release your anxieties and allow you to focus on what you came for.

Many retreats ask you to leave your phone at home, and some don’t even have internet access at the facility! This way you’ll be fully immersed in the program, and you won’t be able to check your email for updates at work between every meditation session.

The all-inclusive amenities at retreats include mindfulness practices and yoga exercises, your accommodations, and a ton of awesome features that facilitate relaxation.

Sometimes they offer massages, float tanks, Zen gardens, pools, libraries, or Jacuzzis to further help you delve into a calm and peaceful state of mind.

#5 – You’ll Learn a Lot from Mindfulness Experts Every Day

learn a lot

When you’re new to all-things mindfulness, it can be hard to parse out the techniques that promote the most healing and growth for you. There’s so much information out there in the library and on the internet that it can feel incredibly overwhelming to decide where to begin.

When you go on a mindfulness or meditation retreat, you won’t be bogged down by endless research. Instead, you’ll have expert mindfulness coaches ready to facilitate your journey. They’re the experts, so they’ve already spent years doing the preparation and research so you don’t have to.

In addition to classes that help you implement different strategies into your life, you may also receive classes on yoga and mindfulness theory. This way, you can gain a fuller understanding of the practices you’re learning, and really foster your connection to the roots of yoga and mindfulness.

#6 – Nourishing Meals are Prepared – Three Times a Day

nourishing meals

I’m not going to lie to you—mindfulness retreats are intense. Transforming your mindset and approach towards life in just a few days or weeks is definitely a challenge, and some days you’ll find that you’re completely drained.

That’s why many retreats serve three delicious meals a day, prepared by the on-site kitchen staff. You won’t have to worry about nourishing your body at all during your stay. That means you can focus on relaxation when you’re not meditating, learning mindfulness theory, or taking a yoga class.

Many retreats offer different kinds of meals, so you want to make sure you choose a retreat that serves food that appeals to you.

Some retreats make delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. Others are focused on detoxing your body, and provide you with nutritious liquid meals three times a day. Many mindfulness retreats even have restaurants with full menus so you can choose what sounds tasty to you.

#7 – You’ll Meet Incredible New People on Your Journey!

new people

There are tons of opportunities to meet interesting people on your retreat that share the same desire to improve their lives through mindful practices.

We already talked about the expert instructors you will encounter when you embark on your mindfulness retreat for beginners. Not only are they there to guide you and mentor you on your journey to living a mindful life, but they’re also there to be your friend.

You can talk to them outside of class to learn more about what brought them to work at the retreat. You’re bound to make a connection!

Unless you embark on a solo retreat, there will be other participants in the program that are working towards goals similar to yours. Going on a retreat is a fantastic way to make new connections with others who want to prioritize living a mindful life.

Just knowing that there are others out there on a journey like yours can help you stay dedicated to your practice, and even inspire you to grow and learn more.

The Time is Now

the time is now

Transforming your life is extremely daunting. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and emotional turmoil. Sometimes, you’ll feel trapped and stuck and like you’re taking a step backwards.

But I promise you, learning how to live a mindful life is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

When we learn to be mindful, we’re able to take a deep breath and remain calm in stressful situations. We become attuned to people’s emotions and understand human behavior with greater clarity. We can even begin to heal from mental health issues and unresolved trauma.

You may be thinking that mindfulness sounds perfect for you, but at the same time, you don’t have the energy or time to dedicate to potentially changing your life for the better, especially when it can be challenging and intense.

I’m here to tell you that you’re never going to have the time or the energy to get started. You have to just do it!

Go ahead and sign up for that mindfulness retreat for beginners that you bookmarked six months ago. Schedule some time away from work. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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