6 Unforgettable Mindfulness Retreats
for Families

mindfulness retreats for families

Are tensions running high in your household? Is your family dynamic falling out of whack? It sounds like you need a vacation. It’s time for you and your family to take a step back and find a place to relax and have fun.

However, a standard vacation won’t solve your problems in the long run.

You may feel better while you’re away from the typical stressors that cause all that family drama. But once you get back home, the floodgates are sure to open right back up and wounds will tear open once more.

Here’s your solution: when you’re planning your family’s annual trip, book yourself one of the popular mindfulness retreats for families. Not only will you get the all-inclusive resort vacation you’ve always dreamed of, but you’ll also experience healing and foster connection in your family like never before.

Here are six outstanding family retreats that focus on wellness, conflict resolution, and healing to revitalize the most important relationships in your life.

1 – A Family-Run Family Retreat at Riverheart

great adventure family retreat

Riverheart Retreats is owned and operated by the Helmle family. It’s the perfect place to book a mindfulness retreat for you and your kids because it was designed by teachers who put family and connection first. This family-owned retreat center hosts a specialized family trip called The Great Adventure that will surely help you relax and build a strong bond with your kids.

Samm and Mike Helmle opened this retreat center as a calm atmosphere for anyone to come and rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. They live at the retreat center where they raised two kids and house rescue animals. They’re yoga and mindfulness teachers with a focus on Vipassana, Sufi, and Yogic practices.

The Riverheart Retreat center is located in Andalucia, Spain. Andalucia is known for its lush hills, scenic rivers, and pastoral landscapes. It’s a fantastic place to escape for a while and relax in the quiet of the countryside.

In The Great Adventure Family Retreat program, you get to relax, learn new skills, and practice yoga and meditation while your kids engage in age-appropriate activities with our expert Children’s Team.

You get daily yoga and meditation classes, and you can go to the spa for a massage or go for a cooling swim in the pool. Riverheart’s family retreat even offers Taster Sessions to introduce you to new hobbies like poetry or painting.

The kids will play games, sing songs, explore nature, listen to stories, take kids’ yoga classes, and meditate with the Children’s Team leaders.

There’s also plenty of time for building family connections. The retreat is 7 days long, and you’ll attend a family yoga class every other day with your kids in tow. You and the family will play games together and engage in creative, collaborative stretching. The whole family also comes together at mealtimes and for daily morning meditations.

2 – Spiritual Family Healing at Spirit Quest

spiritual family healing

Maybe you should book a retreat to heal old family wounds surrounded by the desert landscapes, expansive caverns, and classic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

Spirit Quest is a center for spiritual growth and healing that offers personalized private family retreats to strengthen your family relationships.

This retreat is focused on conflict resolution and the development of strong communication skills between each family member. It fosters a healthy family dynamic by opening up discussion and teaching mindfulness skills.

The custom family retreats are three days long. You’ll have to find your own hotel and accommodations during your stay in Sedona, and you should book a room for four nights. Plan to arrive one day before your family mindfulness retreat begins so you can check in and have some time to explore the city.

On the first day of your retreat program, you’ll start with a Letting Go ceremony to bring family tensions and conflicts to light. Later, a guide will bring your family on a nature hike through the unique Sedona wilderness to foster awareness and develop healthy communication strategies.

Days two and three allow you to dig deeper to resolve conflict, foster awareness through meditation practices, and further develop a strong family bond.

For example, you’ll partake in a Family Vortex Experience. You and your family will go to a tranquil, private space in nature to meditate and release blocked spiritual energy. The expert guides will facilitate other mindfulness exercises to promote spiritual growth.

3 – Restorative Family Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

wellness retreats for families

This yoga-focused mindfulness retreat for families in La Fortuna, Costa Rica helps you foster a deeper connection to the Earth and your loved ones at the same time.

The Reconnecting the Family Bond: Wellness Retreats for Family program is run by yoga teacher, natural food chef, and culinary educator Cyrelle McDonald. Each day you’ll practice restorative Hatha yoga with Cyrelle. Don’t worry—your kids can come to learn yoga too!

The retreat is hosted on a rainforest-surrounded biodynamic farm that you are free to explore. That means you get farm-fresh food at every meal. Three meals per day are included with your stay.

On the farm, you’ll stay in the sustainable EcoLodge hotel. The retreat provides you with a six-night stay in the hotel, plus transportation to and from the airport.

You won’t spend the whole time practicing yoga. There are plenty of other fun activities that will excite your kids and make sure everyone is engaged and having fun. There are many activities on-site and guided excursions that you can add to your trip.

Go ziplining and careen through the air above the green rainforest foliage. Head to the hot springs to lounge in nature’s hot tub. Take a hike up a volcano, or into the rainforest at night. Kayak down winding rivers to explore the jungle, or perhaps take a guided waterfall tour.

You can also spend time relaxing at the spa. They offer a variety of massages and skin care treatments, as well as aromatherapy sessions.

Taking time to practice yoga and enjoy nature with your family is the perfect way to spend your time off from work.

4 – Foster Connection at Family Camp – Colorado Rockies

family camp colorado rockies

The Shambhala Mountain Center is a spiritual retreat center with modern and comfortable accommodations. It’s located high up in the mountains of Colorado and away from the hustle and bustle of city life, making this a beautiful and unique location to strengthen relationships and have fun with your family.

Family Camp: Connecting with Self, Reconnecting with Others is a fantastic family mindfulness retreat held at the Shambhala Mountain Center’s campus. It runs during the summer for one week or seven nights.

Each morning, kids join up with others in the same age group to hike, play teamwork-building games, practice meditation, listen to stories, and more. Kids ages 9 or 10 can participate in a special Rite of Passage program that helps them prepare for growing responsibilities as they get older.

While the kids are busy with our trained counselors, you and the other adults can take some time for yourselves. Sleep in a little late. Take time strolling through the Shambhala Mountain Center Campus sipping coffee or tea. Practice yoga or meditation in the tranquil surroundings.

In the afternoon, you’ll join back up with the kids for family activities. The whole family will come together to play games, take hikes, meditate, practice storytelling, create contemplative art, sing, and perform in a talent show.

During your stay, you’ll eat three nourishing vegetarian meals per day.

There are many different options for lodging and accommodation at the Shambhala Mountain Center, so you can definitely find a place you can afford and that can fit the whole family.

If you’re on a budget, you can stay in a tent during the summer. If you prefer to stay indoors, there are same-gender shared dorms. You can also rent a family suite with private bathrooms.

Attending the Family Camp retreat can help you build a stronger bond with your kids and gives you a unique vacation all at once.

5 – Revive at the Luxurious Revivo Wellness Resort

revivo wellness resort

This family retreat is all about luxury, relaxation, and healthy living. It’s located in tropical southern Bali in the hills of Nusa Dua. If you look one way, you’ll see dense jungles and lush greenery. Turn your head again, and you’ll find the bright blue Indian Ocean.

You’ll stay in lavish accommodations so everyone can get comfortable and de-stress. There are many Balinese-style suites to choose from.

You can opt for a one-bedroom villa with a private bathroom. It includes a lounge area, a four-poster bed, and a sunken bathtub. If you want the most indulgent stay possible, you should book the 4-bedroom private villa. It comes with a private pool and access to a personal chef and butler 24 hours a day.

Every day of your stay at Revivo Wellness Resort’s Family Yoga Retreat, you’ll wake early in the morning for daily mindfulness greetings. You’ll take rejuvenating NUTRIO morning shots to get your energy moving. In the morning, you’ll take a Hatha yoga class before sharing a nutritious lunch with your family.

Your afternoon classes are focused on physical fitness and vary from day to day. You could do Pilates, TRX, or boxing. In the evening, it’s time to relax before dinner. Head down to the spa for your daily spa treatment.

Kids and adults each have plenty of options for relaxation. There are signature Revivo massages designed for adults and separate massages designed for kids.

Parents can enjoy a hot stone massage, and everyone can get a manicure, pedicure, facial, foot treatment, or aloe vera scrub and wrap.

This is a life-changing experience you don’t want to miss. Relax in the lap of luxury while you teach your kids to focus on physical fitness, healthy eating, and the importance of mindfulness.

6 – Gain Deep Family Insights at One Yoga Global

family yoga and life ki-do retreat

The Family Yoga and Life Ki-do retreat at One Yoga Global in Alajuela, Costa Rica is dedicated to teaching you and your kids about the power of empathy, connection, and teamwork.

While there’s plenty of time to relax at the pool or get a specialty massage at the spa, you and the family will also engage in workshops and classes that teach mindful parenting, family teamwork, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution.

Parents will go to Parenting Workshops alone, but there are also Family Workshops where the kids come along for the class.

Anyone over the age of 14 can join the Flow and Yin Style Yoga class. Here, you’ll meditate, pose, and practice controlled breathing exercises to discover a deeper connection to yourself and connect with inner joy and peace.

The kids have plenty of space to play while the adults practice yoga. Expert activity leaders take your kids aside in a group to play teamwork-building games, practice mindfulness through martial arts, learn controlled breathwork, and develop integral emotional and social skills.

All of your meals are included with your stay. There’s a diverse range of accommodations, so anyone can find somewhere to stay in their price range.

If you’re saving up and don’t need much space, you can stay in a Tentalow outdoors. This is a tent/bungalow crossover with a bed and access to a nearby shared bathroom. There are small rooms with private balconies, suites, and even family-sized apartments to rent for your stay.

It’s Time to Rebuild Family Relationships

rebuild family relationships

Instead of booking your next family vacation at a fancy resort, you should consider one of these mindfulness retreats for families. There are also mindfulness retreats for beginners, if you know where to look.

Oftentimes, it will feel just like an all-inclusive vacation! You get to stay in gorgeous accommodations surrounded by unique landscapes. All of your meals are included and are designed to be healthy and nourishing.

You get tons of time to relax under the sun, or hike through the mountains, or zip line over lush rainforests. On top of all that, you get the chance to heal tense relationships and resolve old conflicts in your family.

It’s time to foster deeper connections with your kids and uncover problems in your family dynamic.

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